Kelly Kettle Fuel Vs No Fuel

The Advantages of using the Kelly Kettle® Trekker on your outings compared to canister camping are:

  • No fuel to purchase
  • No fuel to carry
  • No continued operating costs
  • No fuel lines to get plugged or cracked
  • No igniters to get bent, broken or plugged
  • Works every time without fail - even in extreme weather
  • Can take it with you as you travel on trains, planes and automobiles
  • Boils water in just a few minutes with very little natural fuel (uses a small handful of sticks, twigs, pine cones, bark, etc.)
  • Environmental friendly. No canister to dispose of
  • Build up a bed of hot embers in a protected environment, out of the wind and rain.
  • These embers can then be used to quickly build the camp fire  :-)