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We offer a variety of 'Kits' which are effectively one of our Kettles + some accessories, all of which are made from food grade Stainless Steel (304).  If you need help choosing between Stainless Steel or Aluminium Kettles. please visit our FAQs/Help page or call us. We will be pleased to help. You can create your own kit by selecting a Kettle and adding whatever items you like from our Accessories section.

A popular Green Whistle has replaced the Orange stopper on all our Camping Kettles & Kits.  

Base Camp - Boils 1.6 liters/54oz | Packed Height 33cm/13 inches | Diameter 15.5cm/7.3 inches| Widest point of fire-base 18.5cm | Suits: Groups, Family Picnics, Car Camping, Fishing, Allotments, Emergency Preparedness, etc
Scout           - Boils 1.2 litres/41oz | Packed Height 26.5cm/10.2 inches | Diameter 15.5cm/7.3 inches | Widest point of fire-base 18.5cm | Suits: Scouts, Small Groups or Families, Beach, etc.
Trekker       - Boils 0.6 litres/20oz | Packed Height 26.5cm/10.4 inches | Diameter 12cm/5.5 inches | Widest point of fire-base 14cm | Suits: 1-2 people, Backpacking, Trekking, Kayaking, Hill Walking, etc.

Ultimate Kit - Value Deal - includes Kettle, Cook Set, Pot/Base Support, Hobo Camping Stove, Camping Cup Set, Plate Set & Carry Bag.
Basic Kit                             - includes Kettle, Cook Set, Pot/Base Support & Carry Bag.

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