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Tents, Tarps, Backpacks

Tents, Tarps, Backpacks


  • 2 person tent - Tunnel - (2.27kg) Lightweight with two entrances for Hiking, Backpacking & Trekking.
  • 3 person tent - Dome  - (4.9kg)
  • 5 Person tent - Large - Tunnel - (12.65kg)
  • 6 person tent - Dome -  (9.35kg)  
  • Beach Shelter (130x210x115cm) Weight 1.27kg UV50

All Tents are Polyester Ripstop Fabric - Waterproof to 3000mm, Flame Retardant (CPAI 84) and come with a repair kit - just in case of emergencies!  Ripstop technology refers to a technique of weaving where fibers are interwoven in a criss-cross shape (look for the chequered pattern in the material). This significantly improves the final layering and prevents the material from unraveling and a tear spreading. 
KK Tarp            Size: 290 x 360cm Polyester Ripstop (3000mm, Flame Retardant & UV50) Includes 8 Guylines. 880g (1.94lb) excl. Guylines.
KK Ultralight   Size: 290 x 360cm Lightweight. Silnylon Ripstop (3000mm) Includes 8 reflective Guylines 572g (1.26lb) excl. Guylines.

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