Stainless Steel 'Trekker' Kelly Kettle (0.6ltr) - Basic Kit

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Provides enough water for 1-2 people and the small cook set allows for an element of cooking.
Ideal for Trekking, Scouts, Hill Walking, Backpacking, Kayaking, Picnics or Emergency Preparedness & Bug-Out Bags. Boil Water & Cook Fast Outdoors.  This kit contains: 

  • Trekker Kettle (0.6 liter), fire-base & green whistle.
  • Cook set - which includes 0.45ltr Pot
  • Frying Pan (pot lid)
  • 2 Piece Grill - place on the fire-base to grill over the coals or, simply create a secure base for the Pot to sit on.
  • Gripper Handle.
  • Pot/Fire-Base Support - use to either cook items over the chimney as the kettle boils, or use under the fire-base to prevent ground scorch to lawns, decking or picnic tables.
  • Drawstring Storage Bag.

All items are stainless steel and fit neatly within the kettle/bag for transport/storage.
A popular Green Whistle lets you know when the water is boiled.
Please Note: The Hobo Stove, Cups & Plates are NOT INCLUDED in this Basic kit.
Please see product description below for details for the various cooking options that this kit provides ;-)
Total Kit Weight kg 0.98 / 2.15 lb